About Brunnen

The story begins in the middle of XIX century in the German town of Heilbronn with the company “Gustav Ziegler”, dealing with paper and writing instruments trade.

In 1873 the young Andreas Schneider began working in the company. He quickly became an irreplaceable helper of Julius Baier, the main trader and a trusted employee of the company.

In the fall of 1876, the company owner, Mr. Ziegler, offered the duo to purchase the company. After long consideration, on 31.03.1877, they accepted the offer.

The new company began operating on 01.05.1877 under the name “Baier & Schneider”.

Soon the company purchased the working quarters, as well as the neighboring buildings, in which the offices and warehouses could be found. The new enterprise grew fast and the customers multiplied. The only constant problem was the lack of paper for the letters used by schools and offices used. This was solved at an exhibition in Stuttgart in 1885, where a rotating printing press was presented to the public. Purchasing two such machines allowed the company to transform from a trading into a manufacturing one and to quickly develop even further.

The first trade mark of the company was created in 1893 and in 1894 it moved into new premises, combining manufacturing and trade functions.

In 1903 the “Brunnen” trade mark was born, now the most famous trade mark in Germany with over 7000 products.

Thanks to this trade mark, “Baier & Schneider” is one of the leading companies not only in Germany, but throughout Europe.

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